Monday, 12 September 2011

A sculpture in context exhibition

As promised, here is a follow on post from A portrait sitting.
The opening night of 'Sculpture in Context'  an exhibition happening in The Botanic Gardens in Dublin from the 8th till the 21st of October 2011.
It was a rainy evening and was beginning to get dark quite early so I didn't get to see the full exhibition that was spread out all over the Botanic Gardens. I will definitely go back and make a day of it before the exhibition finishes.

Ayelet won an award on the night for this piece, it was stunning in its intended location. I'm pretty sure it won't fit on my mantlepiece but you never know!

See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil, also by my good friend Ms Ayelet Lalor.

One of the many victorian greenhouses in the gardens.

I LOVED these guys!!!! Ayelet was also totally smitten.

Okay there were quite a number of sculpture pieces that I really really wanted!! Here are a few more..........

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