Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Portrait sitting

Today I sat for an artist friend of mine, Ayelet Lalor. She had begun the painting quite a while ago and in the meantime she had gone travelling, gotten engaged, Dirty Fabulous had a fire and subsequently moved premises.......you get the idea...time had passed!

The artist at work! The large head sculpture in the background (from a group of 3) will be exhibited in the grounds of the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin from the 7th of September.  I will do a post about the exhibition after it opens so you can see the finished sculpture in its intended habitat. Hopefully it will be a lovely sunny evening and we can drink wine amongst the flowers while pretending to know lots about art and culture!

Give it to me, I want, I want....
Just put it in my handbag and we'll say no more about it. Thank you.

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